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The Montescano Pain School proposes educational courses aimed at young (prefereably less than 45 years) European medical doctors and other professionals who are interested in the field of pain and want to gain more experience.  The main topics fos on the basic treatment of pain and all aspects of pain development.


To be eligible for the school you have two options:

- If you are an EFIC® Chapter Member, your application should be endorsed by your EFIC® National Councillor. If this is the case please fill in the EFIC® application form and make sure to propose your participation to the EFIC® Committee on Education before the official deadlines. Your application will be evaluated by the EFIC® Committee and approved by the EFIC® Executive Board, who will provide you with a personal EFIC® grant.


- If you are interested in attending the Montescano Pain School without the EFIC® grant please complete the Direct Submission Form and send it to the Montescano Pain School via email address:


Please note that clicking on the EFIC® Application Form you are directed at the Efic Website. 

Please also note that the deadline for direct submission is:

01 September 2015






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